About Recipe Cost Calculator

My professional software development career began in 2000. Around 2010 my wife and I co-founded a wholesale bakery and I took on the role of Chief Operating Officer (among a dozen other things). After spending countless hours in Excel and scouring the internet to find a decent piece of recipe costing software, I came up empty-handed. Everything was either hard to use, ugly, expensive, desktop-based or Windows only, and I had no interest in using any of it.

In 2012 I built Recipe Cost Calculator as an internal tool for our wholesale bakery. Realizing that many of the other small and medium sized food businesses that I love could greatly benefit from Recipe Cost Calculator, I released it to the public in 2013.

It's now 8 years later and Recipe Cost Calculator has seen literally hundreds of new features developed to help businesses of all shapes and sizes, from pre-revenue startups to nation-wide restaurant chains, to multi-million dollar manufacturing operations, to mom-and-pop bakers at the local market, and everyone in between. We have thousands of users and paying customers in over 50 countries.

I'm certain Recipe Cost Calculator can be a critical tool to help your food business succeed, at whatever point along the journey you find yourself.

Wishing you success in all your endeavours!