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Recipe Cost Calculator helps thousands of businesses become more profitable, save time and find peace of mind.

Recipe Cost Overview

Get an instant overview of your recipe costs so you can see exactly what's happening at a glance.

Stunning Cost Charts

See charts of your recipe costs that let you visually see your most expensive ingredients with little more than a glance.

Margin Calculations

Enter a selling price for your recipe and we'll calculate your gross margin and food cost percentage in the blink of an eye.


Create and easily assign suppliers and order codes to your ingredients for easy ordering with the shopping list feature.

Ingredient Cost History

See the historical pricing of your ingredients at a glance helping you to see cost increases and decreseases over time.

Ingredient Allergen Tagging

Tag your ingredients with major allergens to allow you to easily get accurate allergen statements for all your recipes.

Nutrition Data

You need to know the nutrition data in your recipes, either for yourself, your customers or your packaging. We've got you covered.

Print to PDF

Print or email recipes in a variety of useful formats with a few clicks.

USDA Database

Easily link your ingredients to items from the USDA database to pull in nutrition info and weight to volume conversion help.

Shopping Lists

You can create shopping lists for your entire production day in a few clicks. This feature could save you hours all by itself.

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Unit Conversion

Plans that include nutrition data provide (as much as possible) fully automated weight-to-volume conversion help.

Waste Calculator

Easily specify a usable percentage for ingredients that have associated waste. Let us take care of the math for you.

Microsoft Excel

Export your ingredients or recipes to CSV for viewing in Microsoft Excel.


Your data is safe and secure. We do off-site backups on a nightly basis.


We know how valuable your recipes are. Your recipes are yours and yours alone.

Recipe Cost Calculator Benefits

Save Time.

Our dead simple user-interface means you can be viewing detailed recipe costing data in minutes. Automatic unit conversion means you don't have to do math.

Save Money.

Instantly view your most expensive ingredients to easily locate areas of cost savings. Use our margin and waste calculator tools to get more accuate numbers on your recipe costs, and determine your most profitable recipes in seconds.

Improve Business.

Know your numbers. Make sure you aren't selling products that lose money.

What Our Customers Say

I love this thing.

Jana (Jana's Bake Shop)

The more I work with Recipe Cost Calculator, the more valuable it becomes.

Jensen Lorenzen

The data I am able to access using Recipe Cost Calculator is invaluable to the operation of my business.

Gloria Z.


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