What Our Customers Say Recipe Cost Calculator has a 4.9 rating on Capterra as of February 2024.

Recipe Cost Calculator is such a powerful tool. It has been a complete game changer for me.

- Patty L (Review from Capterra)

We have finally found a solution to help us manage our costs and organize our countless recipes.

- Parisa N (Review from Capterra)

Recipe Cost Calculator has enabled us to decrease food costs by 10% due to less waste and better eyes on price changes.

- Seth Iiames (Customer)

My recipes are up-to-date, clean, costed... with clear understanding, including profit margins.

- Jana R (Review from Capterra)

Recipe Cost Calculator is a great tool for my small business... I have had fantastic customer service

- Sarah C (Review from Capterra)

Recipe Cost Calculator is the most comprehensive restaurant focused cost calculator I've ever seen.

- Andrea Lubkin (Customer)

Recipe Cost Calculator has become an extremely valuable tool for us. We have been blown away by the constant improvements made to the tool.

- Emiliana P (La Cocina SF)

How Recipe Cost Calculator Works

RCC Lowers Your Food Cost

View per-ingredient or per-category recipe costs with a glance, allowing you to make informed decisions about where to find your most significant savings. Change ingredients? Find a cheaper supplier? Tweak your recipe formula? Increase your prices?

These are the questions you'll be able to answer with the help of Recipe Cost Calculator.

Customers regularly report that active use of Recipe Cost Calculator had reduced their raw material costs by up to 10%1.

1. Feedback gathered from customers (2018-2022)

Easily update food costs and know when your menu items are not hitting your targets.

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Work on Desktop or Mobile

You and your team need to access your recipes and costing data in a way that makes sense for you, which is why we build Recipe Cost Calculator to work brilliantly on desktops, laptops and mobile devices (Android and iOS). Customers around the world access their recipes, create purchase orders, take inventory and train staff using Recipe Cost Calculator in their restaurant and production kitchens.

We help you work brilliantly on desktop and mobile devices running iOS or Android

Scale Recipes With Precision (in seconds)

Create or view scaled versions of your recipes with no more than a few clicks. Not only that, but we can dynamically scale any combination or group of recipes in order to generate a bill of materials or shopping list, prepare a production plan, or view raw materials for a given days sales.

In this simple example, we have three individual cookie recipes from our account that we've scaled based on demand. In seconds, we've generated a full shopping list (bill of materials). You can use this for forecasting in your restaurant, planning ahead in your bakery, organizing events in your catering business or countless other ways.

Our planning tools save customers $240-$600 in labor costs per month1.

1. Feedback gathered from customers (2018-2022)

Incredible recipe scaling that borders on magical

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Dramatically Improve Staff Training

Show your staff exactly how dishes are prepared by providing step by step instructions, including images of each step, and easily export to PDF for printing or training materials.

We provide a single source of truth for all your recipes

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Keep Your Customers Informed and Safe

Feel better about ensuring your customers know exactly what they're getting. No more poring over labels and worrying about formula changes to make sure you have the most accurate spec sheet on hand. Set up your ingredients once, and Recipe Cost Calculator will forever tell you exactly what major allergens are in any of your menu items. Oh, you need nutrition data? Yeah. We do that, too.

48% of food business operators are concerned with how they handle allergens1.

1. Operators use of technology in the kitchen, a 2020 study by The Access Group

Allergen tagging that flows through all your recipes

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Automate Measurement Conversions

Easily create measurement converters to convert between weight / volume or other units, depending on how you want to use your ingredients in your recipes. Set it once and forget it!

We have built-in measurement conversions using industry-standard data for over 1000 commonly used ingredients.

We help eliminate hours of work trying to manually perform unit conversions

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Why Choose Recipe Cost Calculator?

We've helped thousands of restaurants, bakeries and other food businesses operate more efficiently for over a decade.

Costing is your cornerstone

Proper food costing is crucial for maintaining profitability in the restaurant and catering industries, where profit margins are often slim, typically ranging from 3% to 9%​.

Don't become a statistic

Failure to effectively manage food costs is one of the top reasons restaurants and bakeries fail, with an estimated 60% closing or changing ownership within the first year of operation, and up to 80% failing within five years.

Excel and adapt

Restaurants, bakeries and other food businesses that excel in food costing more easily identify and minimize waste, optimize pricing and improve their bottom line. This significantly increases their chances of long-term success.

Security without compromise

All plans come with these benefits out of the box.


We know how valuable your recipes are. Your recipes are yours and yours alone.


All data moved sent to and from your account is encrypted.


Your data is safe and secure. We do encrypted off-site backups on a nightly basis.

Open API

An open API to integrate with your existing tech stack.

Our Mission

We want to build the best software tools for small and medium food businesses of all types. Whether you are a manufacturer, restaurant, bakery, caterer or otherwise -- we provide powerful tools for recipe costing, production planning, inventory management, nutrition and more.

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