How do we help restaurants?

Recipe Cost Calculator comes with dozens of tools and features to help you run your restaurant. Here's a short list of some top problems we solve for cafes and restaurants.


Cost your menu items fast

Quickly and easily calculate the cost of your mains, sides, appetizers and more. Easily use sub-recipes to determine complete plate costs.


Sell your menu items at the right price

Our pricing tools help you price your menu items right. Calculate margin, markup and food cost percentage in seconds.

Daily or Weekly Planning

Less time fussing with your inventory

Use our production planning tools to add your forecasts for the day or week -- make sure you have raw materials on hand to make what you need.

Inventory Management

Easily update your inventory based on menu items sold

Easily receive and remove raw materials -- receive based on supplier and remove based on menu items sold -- we'll calculate it all automatically!

Our Mission

We want to build the best software tools for small and medium food businesses of all types. Whether you are a manufacturer, restaurant, bakery, caterer or otherwise -- we provide powerful tools for recipe costing, production planning, inventory management, nutrition and more.

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