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Customers utilizing Recipe Cost Calculator typically report a savings of 10% on raw materials costs and a 35% reduction in time spent on costing activities. This regularly results in a savings of hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of dollars per month.

Nutrition Labels

Generate standardized nutrition labels by easily linking your ingredients to FoodData Central or providing the nutrition data yourself based on your ingredient nutrition panels or spec sheets.

Incredibly detailed breakdowns of nutrition data by ingredient to allow you to tweak your recipes to nutrition perfection, or hit specific targets around macros.

Nutrition panel with downloadable options as image of PDF
Detailed nutrition breakdown on a per-ingredient basis for analysis
Owner Benefit

Compliance and Marketing Advantage: With the ability to quickly generate and update standardized nutrition label images, you'll easily stay ahead of compliance requirements. This not only saves you from potential legal headaches but also gives you a marketing edge. Health-conscious customers value transparency, and by providing clear nutritional information, you're appealing directly to their preferences, setting your business apart.

Customer Benefit

Your Customers Can Make Informed Choices: By providing detailed nutritional information through updated labels, you empower your customers to make choices that align with their dietary needs and health goals. This level of transparency builds trust and loyalty, as customers appreciate the ability to easily access the information they need to enjoy their meals with confidence.

Our Mission

We want to build the best software tools for small and medium food businesses of all types. Whether you are a manufacturer, restaurant, bakery, caterer or otherwise -- we provide powerful tools for recipe costing, production planning, inventory management, nutrition and more.

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