Know who you are

Any meal is not just the food; it's the experience, the created memories, the interactions, and the room. The restaurant is its own person, in a way, and if it doesn't know "who he is," it can feel uncomfortable spending time with him.

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Cutting the Wrong Expenses

Expenses are easy to be preoccupied with, and they often provide us with what we perceive to be the “lowest hanging fruit” to help us feel good about creating a “win.” BUT...your most urgent problem is probably *not* an expense problem; it’s probably a revenue problem.

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Learn to Fail Fast

The restaurant industry (all food & beverage or manufacturing, really) can learn a lot from methodologies that are often taken for granted in the technology space.

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The Best Advice For Bakery Startups

After running our own bakery for about a decade, and talking to hundreds of business owners over the course of the last eight years -- this is one of the most important pieces of manufacturing / operating advice I can give to any bakery business, particularly if you're just starting out.

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Why You Need Recipe Costing Software

Learn more about why you need good recipe costing software to help you run your food business successfully.

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