How do we help you with ingredient costs?

Recipe Cost Calculator comes with dozens of tools and features to help you run your food business. Here's a short list of some top problems we solve for food businesses.

Easy Upload

Managing a lot of ingredients can be time consuming

Easily upload and keep up to date tens or hundreds of ingredients with ease


You need to keep your ingredient costs up to date

Quickly and easily update ingredient costs via direct input, spreadsheet upload or while receiving purchase orders created in Recipe Cost Calculator

Choose the best supplier

Buy from the most affordable supplier

When updating your ingredient costs, we'll always keep you informed if your preferred supplier for any given ingredient is not offering you the best price.

Automated unit conversion

Easier recipe creation and management

You don't always use your ingredients in the same units you purchase them, which is why we have built-in unit conversion for over 1000 common ingredients. It's one more way we can save you time and money.

Our Mission

We want to build the best software tools for small and medium food businesses of all types. Whether you are a manufacturer, restaurant, bakery, caterer or otherwise -- we provide powerful tools for recipe costing, production planning, inventory management, nutrition and more.

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