Inventory for your Food Business

"We've spent two years talking to food businesses and developing what we hope is an amazing inventory management experience. From raw materials through to finished goods, complete with automatic FIFO lot tracing and mind-blowingly easy recalls (if you need that sort of thing) -- we built it all for you."

- Daniel Wintschel (Founder, Recipe Cost Calculator)

Inventory is now an available add-on to any paid Recipe Cost Calculator plan. Not only that, but every Recipe Cost Calculator plan comes with a free 30-trial of all our inventory management features.

Production Planning

Incredible production planning tools allow you to automatically add finished goods and subtract raw materials from inventory, complete with automatic lot code tracing on the raw materials, as well as generating bill of materials / inventory requirements for any given production plan.

Raw Materials Lot Tracing

Always know which raw materials went into which finished goods. Automatically assign raw materials to finished goods based on FIFO (first in first out) lot tracing.

Finished Goods Lot Tracing

Need to know where your finished goods went, to which customer or by which shipper? We've got you covered in case you need to perform a recall.

Par Levels

Set par levels for your ingredients to make sure you always have what you need.

Inventory Values

Easily check your inventory dollar values for both raw materials and finished goods. Keep that balance sheet up to date!

Storage Areas

Assign storage areas to your raw materials to keep inventory counting quick and orderly.